Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advise Needed On The "How To's"

So .......... Here's the deal,

On the first of every month, I need to hand in an invoice for our company so that we can get paid.  He has asked me to add the entries to this invoice every time get called to work, so that at the end of every month, all I have to do is hit print.  Straight forward enough, but since there are never any consequences, this continues to be an on going problem.

Last month we switched to a computer program to creat the work orders.  The computer ate one of the work orders.  It just wont let me into it.  So I just kept putting it off, and putting it off, thinking that I had lots of time to get the information again and create a new work order.  No problem. 

Big problem.

We got busy, life got busy, so it took me untill the 5th to even create the invoice, and then when I phoned the person to get the work info, I had to leave a message because they didn't answer their phone.  They still haven't phoned me, and I still haven't finished the invoice because again, when I could have phoned the head office and gotten the missing information, I put it off, and forgot about it.

Now I know that a lot of the HOH's would spank for this, but when hubby came and asked me if I had finished the invoice, I made an excuse about having to wait on this person to phone me, and said that I would call the head office on Monday morning.  He said OK, and left it at that.  Now remember, he's new to this.  So he doens't even think of spanking, it just doesn't occur to him.

So ........... should I say anything??

My gut tells me yes, my bottom yells a resounding NO, and would he think this is pestering him if I bring him this situation and tell him that this is most certainly something that most HOH's would spank for.  I mean I can put in the invoice on Monday, and we will probably get paid on time, so no big problem there, but there is a chance that we might not and this would create HUGE problems if payment was delaid for any reason.

Well he's taking a nap right now, says he feels bloated, so I'll have to wait untill he gets up to see how he's feeling.  I could say nothing, and just put in the invoice tomorrow, and everything will probably be just fine.  But isn't that beig dishonest with both of us?

So, how many of you guys confess things to your HOH's?
How do you bring them to your HOH's?
How do you determin what you can blow off as no big deal, and what to tell them is a big deal that they should be fixing, and how do you say that in a way that still makes it their decision.
I don't want a HOH that treats me like a child, but how do I motivate him to be just a little more strict?

Well thanks in advance for your great advise,
and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Bottom line my friend.... Do you feel guilty? And, it would appear to me that you do... In those times, I fess up and say, You are so understanding and I know that. However, I feel bad about this, and feel like I need your guidance and discipline to feel like the slate is clean. I feel like I failed you and myself and I need your "encouragement" not to do that again.....

  2. Thanks D. I think you are right as usual. Boy you know me well. Thanks for the advise. I talked to him a little bit yesterday, but got no real responce, and today he took me down to drop off the invoice. I got everything straightened out first thing in the morning. So he's happy now.

    Unfortunatly I ran into a new problem. A brainless secratary that doesn't listen, and just wants to keep restating a problem even though I'd offered the most obvious solution three times. So I left the office thinking, weather he "dealt" with it or not, this wont happen EVER again. So, in short, I got what I deserved, and I hate dealing with stupid people, they get on my last nerve.

    TTY soon, J.